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  • Charts

    We have explained the difference between fundamental and technical analysis. Technical analysis is mainly involves looking at graphs. Again people think graphs are complicated and difficult to understand. Apart from 'candle stick charts' you will have seen these graphs at school or in any newspaper showing statistics. It does not matter how competent your maths is, graphs are directional they point up or down… this is the TREND.

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  • Products

    A (CFD) Contract for Difference is an agreement between you and your broker/trading firm. It is a financial instrument that allows you to predict a RISE or FALL in the price of a share without having to physically own the share. You are speculating on the price going up or down at a particular point in time. This means you can make on much more profit at a much lower risk and therefore cost.

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  • Glossary

    All the industry terms in clear English with no jargon.

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