Terms & Conditions

Written by Trader Maker

Tradermaker.com does NOT provide or aim to provide any financial advice. All information on the site provided by Tradermaker.com and ALL ITS AFFILIATES is for reference only. Trading and speculation does carry risks of financial loss, it is not for everyone and if you are unsure about trading then seek independent financial advice.

Once you have opened an account with one of our ‘recommended affiliates’ you will have to accept their terms and conditions.

www.easy-forex.com – http://en.easy-forex.com/eu/TermsAndConditions.aspx
www.etoro.com – http://www.retailfx.com/Terms_of_Use.aspx
www.plus500.com – http://www.plus500.co.uk/Help/RiskWarning.aspx
www.avafx.com – http://www.avafx.com/High-Risk/?businessgroup-Capital


All bonus payment that Tradermaker.com offer will be subject to a QUALIFICATION criteria. In order to qualify to your $50 (or specified amount) you will have to turn over the AFFILIATE qualifying amount before your bonus is paid. This will be subject to the terms and conditions of the recommend platform you sign up to. This will be a bonus cash payment. You may not be able to withdraw the money without another turnover or equivalent condition.

You will not be paid any cash directly from Tradermaker.com ALL BONUS payment will be in the form of credit directly into your trading account. This will be controlled and authorized by one of the following platforms. Please refer to the terms and conditions below.

www.easy-forex.com – http://en.easy-forex.com/eu/forexaffiliate.aspx

www.etoro.com – http://www.etoropartners.com/FAQ.aspx

www.plus500.com – http://www.500affiliates.com/help/AffiliationAgreement.aspx

www.avafx.com – http://www.avapartner.com/step1.asp#Faq19

www.ufxbank.com – http://www.ufxpartners.com/en/terms-a-conditions2