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Written by Trader Maker

Intraday trading is how the markets react within a normal trading day. From spread betting customers to hedge fund managers they all take advantage of moves that happen every day within the financial markets. The key to how we trade and make money from this is in our approach.

This is where we need to start investing in our trading career and use everything in our disposal to learn and understand what we can in the markets.
Here at we have can offer you all the information, support and live demonstrations FOR FREE via


Trade for a Living

IF this is not enough you can also join the ‘Trade for a living course’ which consist of 5 live sessions that will teach you all you need to know about getting a plan, sticking to your plan and how to tie all the information the produce together. You will also receive 5 PDFS with every UK and US figure with a definition with and star rating, every key US, UK and European speaker, a figures trading plan and your very own trading plan.
Click here to apply for the TFAL course – minimum deposit required – email me to apply